STARnet  Gateway Federation

STARnet Gateway details

Name of the gateway Operated by Connected to Target user community Applications Number of registered users
VisIVO Science Gateway INAF Astrophysical Observatory of Catania, Italy Cometa Grid, Local Clusters Scientific Visualization and data exploration VisIVO > 100
UoP Science Gateway University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom Desktop Grid, Sciama Supercomputer Large scale Cosmological Simulations VisIVO, Sploch, LaSMoG 6
OATE Science Gateway INAF Astronomical Observatory of Teramo, Italy Local resources, OACT Clusters Stellar astrophysics evolutionary model FRANEC, BASTI 5
OATS Science Gateway INAF Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, Italy astro vo, planck vo, Local Clusters Cosmic Microwave Background: Esa’s Plank space telescope Planck 10
AI SAS Science Gateway Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic voce vo, OACT Clusters Interstellar Comets simulations COMCAPT, MESTREAM 4
ViaLACTEA Science Gateway ViaLACTEA Project OACT Clusters VIALACTEA community, Data Analysis and visualization VisIVO, IDL 50

Shared services

Services Technologies and Tools
Single Sign On LDAP Server, Shibboleth
Workflows/Portlets sharing SHIWA Workflow Repository, SCI-BUS Portlet Repository
Cloud Data OwnCloud, OpenNebula

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