Workshop announcement

MHD Laboratory Experiments for Geophysics and Astrophysics
1-3 October 2007 – Museo Diocesano, Catania, ITALY

The workshop will be organized by INAF - Catania Astrophysical Observatory and it is intended to deal with the following scientific rationale:

Most planets, stars, and other astrophysical objects have associated magnetic fields, which may play an important role in the evolution, and indeed the very formation of some of these objects. There is therefore great interest in understanding the origin of these fields, as well as magnetohydrodynamic instabilities that may develop once magnetic fields are present. A number of liquid metal experiments have recently been done that address these questions in the laboratory. The workshop will discuss some of the results, related theoretical/numerical work, and the design of possible future magnetic Couette flow experiments

Registration fee: A registration fee of 130 EUR will be charged to the participants. The amount includes the use of the conference facilities, welcome reception, coffee breaks during the meeting and the social dinner.

Location and accomodation:The conference will be held at Museo Diocesano which is located in the very heart of Catania in "Piazza Duomo". The nearby hotels offer special rates for the conference.

Registration and deadline: To register please fill the registration forms available here by June 1th.

Abstracts: Titles and abstracts of the scientific oral contributions must be sent to by June 15th.

A.Bonanno, D.Recupero, L.Santagati

Scientific Committee:
A.Brandenburg (Stockholm), E.Dormy (Paris), P.Frick (Perm), R.Hollerbach (Leeds), H.Ji (Princeton), E.Knobloch (Berkeley), D.Lathrop (Maryland), J.Leorat (Meudon), J.-F. Pinton (Lyon), R.Rosner (Chicago, chair), G.Ruediger (Potsdam, co-chair)


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