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Detection of planetary systems around other stars has been achieved very recently in the human history. The first planet-size objects ever detected are two earth-size planets orbiting around PSR 1257+12, a pulsar located 980 light-years from the Sun, discovered in 1992. In 1995, M. Mayor and D. Queloz of the University of Geneva announced the first detection of an exoplanet orbiting an ordinary MS star (51 Peg). This discovery signs the beginning of the era of exoplanetary science, that takes advantage from rapidly technological advances in high-resolution spectroscopy and high precision photometry from the ground and from space.

Exoplanets discovered till
    17 January 2019

  1. Bullet 3956  planets

  2. Bullet 2952  planetary systems

  3. Bullet   652 multiple planet systems


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Exoplanets Counts based on  Enciclopedia dei Pianeti Extrasolari