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APT-80/1 is an Automatic Photoelectric Telescope. It has been at work since 1992 at the "M.G. Fracastoro" Station of the Catania Astrophysical Observatory on Mount Etna. Its primary science objective is the long-term monitoring of a sample of active late type stars.



APT-80/2 will join the APT-80/1 in the summer 2007. With its CCD photometer it will allow us to monitor magnetic activity in the photospheres of stars in open clusters.

Here following are some characteristics of the APT-80/2 telescope:

  • Diameter 80cm
  • F/8 (6400 mm)
  • Equatorial fork mount
  • Scale on the focal plane: 32"/mm
  • Corrected field 13'x13'
  • Focal plane instrument: 2000x2000 pixels CCD camera, pixel size 13.5x13.5 micron
  • Filters: UBVRI + neutral filter


  • REM is a small rapid reaction automatic telescope dedicated to monitor the prompt afterglow of Gamma Ray Burst events. The telescope has a primary mirror of 60 cm in an alt-az mount and is operated at la Silla Observatory, Chile. At its focal plane there are i) an high throughput NIR camera called REMIR (0.9-2.3 microns), and ii) an Optical Slitless Spectrograph called ROSS (0.45-0.9 microns). The main purpose of the REM Telescope is to follow the prompt afterglow of the GRBs detected by SWIFT by collecting images in the H, J and K bands. However, it can be operated with any other flying GRB trigger source such as Integral, HETE II.  During the period in which no triggers are available, REM will perform alternative scientific programmes. REM will immediately return to the primary target as soon as a processable trigger will be received.
    REM has been built by a team of Italian Astronomer.

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