GES 2017 Gaia-ESO Survey Fourth Science Meeting

4-8 September 2017,
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Catania, Italy


The workshop will start at 09:30 on Monday the 4th and end at lunch time on Friday the 8th. Desk registration will start at 8:30 on Monday. There will be a public lecture on Tuesday evening, and a conference dinner on Wednesday evening. Wednesday afternoon is free for tours, with a guided tour to baroque and archeological Catania city center organised for interested participants.
You can find below the preliminary schedule of the workshop with the invited speakers. Contributed speakers will be announced by the end of June.


08:30 Registration
09:45 Welcome addresses
Session 1: Gaia-ESO and Gaia overview and status

Chair: Alessandro Lanzafame

10:00 Gerry Gilmore and Sofia Randich Gaia-ESO overview and status (part I) (part II)
11:00 Coffee break and poster session
11:20 Timo Prusti (I) Gaia overview and status
12:00 Clare Worley The Challenges of Homogenisation: Working Group 15 and Gaia-ESO internal Data Release 5
12:20 Thibault Merle Single-lined spectroscopic binary star candidates in the iDR5 Gaia-ESO survey
12:40 Ulrike Heiter Atomic data for the Gaia-ESO Survey
13:00 Lunch break
14:20 Elena Franciosini Exploiting the lithium abundances in iDR5
Session 2: Synergies with Gaia and other surveys

Chair: Ronny Blomme

14:40 Guillaume Guiglion The Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): preparing the sixth Data Release chemical abundances with GAUGUIN
15:00 Krelowski Jacek Distance measurements towards young Milky Way object: IC2944
15:20 Ben Rendle The K2 Poles Project - Exploring the vertical structure of the Milky Way
15:40 Thomas Zwitter Precise stellar radial velocities in Gaia-ESO
16:00 Tea break and poster session
16:20 Working groups session (WG14)
18:00 End of day one