The PDC is placed under global German responsibility.

It is led by the PLATO Data Processing Manager- PDPM (Laurent Gizon, MPSSR) . The PDPM reports to the PCL and interfaces with the PIPM. In particular, close coordination is maintained between PDC and Payload Component concerning the definition and specification of the onboard data processing and concerning the delivery and maintenance of the instrument database by the Payload component to the PDC.

The PDPM also interfaces directly with ESA, more specifically with the ESA SOC Manager.

The PDC includes the following components:

  1. PLATO product database and system architecture

  2. Detailed definition of all data processing algorithms

  3. Coordination of data processing algorithm definition on board and on ground

  4. Implementation in the PDC system of all data processing and analysis algorithms

  5. Implementation of the PLATO input catalogue

  6. Development of the exoplanet analysis system tools

  7. Development of the stellar analysis system tools

  8. Control of the content of the PLATO ancillary database.

  9. Data analysis and support tools

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The PLATO Data Centre (PDC) is the PMC contribution to the Science Ground Segment, which also includes the Science Operation Centre (SOC), under ESA responsibility.

The PDC has two major responsibilities. On one hand, it delivers to the SOC the various algorithms which are needed to produce and validate the PLATO L1 products as well as to validate and optimize the onboard processing software parameters, and on the other hand, it produces the PLATO L2 products, to be delivered to the SOC for archiving and distribution to the user community.

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