The PLATO 2.0 MISSION Consortium Lead


The PMC is placed under the overall responsibility of a PMC Lead, who constitutes the formal interface of the consortium to ESA.

She ensures that the performances of the mission meet the science requirements set by the Science Team, and  constitutes the main scientific interface of all consortium sub-structures with ESA and the PST.

The PMC Lead is one of the six members of the Science Team nominated by the PMC.

More specifically, the PMC Lead:

  1. Bullettake responsibility for the provision and timely delivery of all elements falling under PMC

  2. Bulletresponsibility,

  3. Bulletact as formal managerial interface of the PMC to ESA,

  4. Bulletprovide support to ESA for overall science performance evaluation,

  5. Bulletprovide early warning to ESA in case of delays in the work execution and propose, on behalf of the PMC, corrective actions to be discussed and agreed with ESA,

  6. Bulletdefine and maintain instrument specifications and verify compliance with the science

  7. Bulletrequirements,

  8. Bulletprovide overall documentation during the definition phase

The PMC Lead is supported in his tasks by the PLATO 2.0  Instrument Project Manager concerning all Payload issues, and by the PDPM concerning PDC issues.

The PMC Lead is also ultimately responsible for the organization of the community around the

Science preparation tasks. She is supported in this responsibility by the PLATO 2.0 Science

Preparation Management coordinator.


Dr. Heike Rauer


e-mail:  Heike.Rauer at