HOMEPAGE of Lucio Paternò


Former Full Professor of Astrophysics at Catania University

(Retired from University since November 1st 2010 for age limits)


Member of French Academy of Sciences (section: Sciences of the Universe)


Emeritus member of the Gioenia Academy of Natural Sciences in Catania



Presently: Associate Scientist at INAF-Catania Astrophysical Observatory


Address: Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania

Città Universitaria

Via S. Sofia, 78

95123 Catania - Italy

Tel: +39 095 7332235
Fax: +39 095 330592





Present research interests

·  Stellar Structure and Evolution

·  Solar and Stellar Oscillations


 · Curriculum vitae

 · Scientific activity

  ·  Teaching activity

 · List of recent selected publications

 · Complete list of publications

 · Recent paper reprints

  -  Internal rotation of the red-giant star KIC 4448777 by means of asteroseismic inversion. Astrophys. J. 817:65 (pp16) (2016)

-          Why are the stars  as they are? Eddington parable revisited. Boll. Accademia Gioenia Vol. 47, N. 377, FP1 – FP7 (2014)


-          An innovative hybrid neuro-wavet method for reconstruction of missing data in astronomical photoelectric surveys. Lecture Notes in Computer Science7267, ICAISC 2012, Part I, Eds. Rutkwoski et al.,Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 21 – 29 (2012)   


-          Solar-like oscillations in the G9.5 subgiant  β Aquilae. Astron. Astrophys. 537, A9 1-8 (2012)


-          The solar differential rotation: a historical view. Astrophys. Space Sci 328, 269-277 (2010)


-          Spectroscopic analysis of the candidate β Cephei star s Cas: atmospheric characterization and line-profile variability. New Astronomy 15, 39-45 (2010)


-          Big-Bang, Evolution of the Universe and the Mistery of L (Lectio Magistralis in the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of the Accademia Gioenia CLXXXV Year – Catania 20 February 2009). Boll. Accademia Gioenia Vol. 42, N. 370, OL1 – OL18 (2009)


-          Detection of solar-like oscillations in the G5 subgiant μ Her. Astrophys. J. 676, 1248 – 1253 (2008)


-          Magnetic field amplification in proto-neutron stars: the role of neutron finger instability for dynamo excitation. Astron. Astrophys. 479, 167 – 176 (2008)


-          A spectroscopic search for non-radial pulsations in the δ Scuti star γ Bootis. Monthly Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 381, 1647 – 1654 (2007)


-          Seismology of Procyon A: determination of mode frequencies, amplitudes, lifetimes, and granulation noise. Astron. Astrophys. 464, 1059 – 1067 (2007)  


-          Seismic inference of differential rotation in Procyon A. Astron. Astrophys. 462, 1031 – 1037 (2007)


 · Recent presentations at meetings & seminars 

-          Why are the stars as they are? Eddington parable revisited: lecture given in the Gioenia Academy session of May 9th, 2014

-          Solar differential rotation, a historical view: presentation in the occasion of the meeting “Waves and Physics” for celebration of the 70th birthday of Douglas Gough. Baia delle Zagare, Gargano, Italy, 23 June 2011.

-          Solar differential rotation, a historical view: presentation in the occasion of the meeting “Synergies between Solar and Stellar Modelling”  during which  was celebrated the 70th birthday of Lucio Paternò. Academia Belgica, Rome 22 – 26 June 2009.

-          Magnetars as a consequence of magnetic field amplification by dynamo effect: seminar at the Merate Astronomical Observatory. Merate 26 May 2009.

-          Big-Bang, Evoluzione dell’Universo e Mistero di L: lectio magistralis in the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of the Accademia Gioenia CLXXXV Year. Università di Catania, Palazzo del Rettorato 20 February 2009.

  · Documents & News

-         The monster dance (drawing by L. Paternò)

  · My family 

-          Family tree         Family picture (dec 2012)     Family’s lazy cats











Etna’s view from my office at Observatory

in the University Campus