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 Scientific Staff


POSIZIONE E-Mail: +39 0957332-
ext number
UMANA Grazia
(Curriculum Vitae)
Director direttore_oact 222
ANTONUCCIO Vincenzo Astronomer Vincenzo.Antonuccio 318
BARATTA Giuseppe Associate Astronomer Giuseppe.Baratta 313, 265
BECCIANI Ugo Astronomer Ugo.Becciani 317
BIAZZO Katia Researcher Katia.Biazzo 246
BILLOTTA Sergio Technologist Sergio.Billotta 205, 254
BONANNO Alfio Astronomer Alfio.Bonanno 319
BONANNO Giovanni Senior Astronomer Giovanni.Bonanno 204, 254
BUEMI Carla Researcher Carla.Buemi 207
BUSÀ Innocenza Astronomer Innocenza.Busa 261
CATANZARO Giovanni Astronomer Giovanni.Catanzaro 223
COSENTINO Rosario Astronomer Rosario.Cosentino  
COSTA Alessandro Technologist-Computer Center Alessandro.Costa 273
CUTISPOTO Giuseppe Associate Astronomer Giuseppe.Cutispoto 312
DI STEFANO Elisa Researcher Elisa.Distefano 326
FRASCA Antonio Astronomer Antonio.Frasca 240
LANZA Antonino Francesco Associate Astronomer Nuccio.Lanza 238
LANZAFAME Giuseppe Astronomer Giuseppe.Lanzafame 316
LETO Giuseppe Astronomer Giuseppe.Leto 311
LETO Paolo Researcher Paolo.Leto 218
MAGAZZÙ Antonio Associate Astronomer Antonio.Magazzu  
MANGANO Angela Technologist-Library Angela.Mangano 248
MARILLI Ettore Associate Astronomer Ettore.Marilli 246
MASSIMINO Piero Head of Computer Center Piero.Massimino 216
MESSINA Sergio Astronomer Sergio.Messina 230
MESSINEO Marina Technologist-Administration Marina.Messineo 226
MUNARI Matteo Technologist Matteo.Munari 260, 270
PAGANO Isabella Astronomer Isabella.Pagano 243
PALUMBO M.Elisabetta Astronomer Elisabetta.Palumbo 242, 265
ROMANO Paolo Researcher Paolo.Romano 220
SCUDERI Salvo Astronomer Salvo.Scuderi 255, 270
SPADARO Daniele Associate Astronomer Daniele.Spadaro 234
STRAZZULLA Giovanni Senior Astronomer Giovanni.Strazzulla 257, 265
TERNULLO Maurizio Researcher Maurizio.Ternullo 231
TRIGILIO Corrado Associate Researcher Corrado.Trigilio 263
UMANA Grazia Associate Researcher Grazia.Umana 224
VENTURA Rita Astronomer Rita.Ventura 258

 Administrative, Technical and Service Staff


SETTORE E-Mail: +39 0957332-
ext number
BELLASSAI Giancarlo Maintenance Office Giancarlo.Bellassai 303
BELLUSO Massimiliano Electronic Lab Massimiliano.Belluso 279, 254
BRUNO Pietro Software Lab Pietro.Bruno 278
BUSNE' Giuseppe Administration Giuseppe.Busne 256
CALÌ Maddalena General Services Maddalena.Cali 248
CARIPOLI Giuseppe Computer Center Giuseppe.Caripoli 241
CARUSO Maria Rita General Services Rita.Caruso 227
CORSARO Gaetano General Services SLN Santi.Corsaro 208, 009
COSTA Pierfrancesco Solar Lab Pierfrancesco.Costa 253
DI BENEDETTO Rosario Electronic Lab Saro.Dibenedetto 290
DISTEFANO Antonio Mechanical Lab, SLN Antonio.Distefano 294
DOMINA Daniela Library Staff Daniela.Domina 268
GIGLIO Anna Administration Anna.Giglio 274
GIUFFRIDA Alfio Computer Center Alfio.Giuffrida 217
GRECO Vincenzo Software Lab Vincenzo.Greco 288
MARTINETTI Eugenio Electronic Lab Eugenio.Martinetti 304
MELLINI Maria Administration Maria.Mellini 225
MICCICHÈ Antonio Mechanical Lab Antonio.Micciche 209
MIRAGLIA Massimo Mechanical Lab Massimo.Miraglia 271, 203
OCCHIPINTI Giovanni Mechanical Lab Gianfranco.Occhipinti 305, 203
OFRIA Giuseppe General Services Giuseppe.Ofria 289, 208, 009, 300
RECUPERO Daniela Administration Daniela.Recupero 247, 212
ROMANIA Valentina Administration Valentina.Romania 262
SANTAGATI Luigia Library Staff Gina.Santagati 269
SANTOCONO Orazio General Services Orazio.Santocono 208, 009
SCAFILI Marcella Administration Marcella.Scafili 215
SCUDERI Cosimo General Services SLN Cosimo.Scuderi 292
TIMPANARO M.Cristina Electronic Lab Mariacristina.Timpanaro 259, 254
TRINGALE Gaetana Administration Nuccia.Tringale 228
ZINGALE Giuseppe General Services Giuseppe.Zingale 277

 Department of Physics and Astronomy (Astrophysics Section) - Catania University, Staff


POSIZIONE E-Mail: +39 0957332-
ext number
ANASTASI Clelia Secretary General Clelia.Anastasi +39 0953785414
BELVEDERE Gaetano Full Professor Gaetano.Belvedere 236
BLANCO Carlo Former Full Professor Carlo.Blanco 245
CATALANO A. Francesco Former Associate Professor FCatalano 221
DEL POPOLO Antonino Researcher Antonino.Delpopolo 315
LANZAFAME Alessandro Researcher Alessandro.Lanzafame 239
LEONE Francesco Associate Professor                 Head of Astrophysics Section Francesco.Leone 229
PATERNÒ Lucio Former Full Professor Lucio.Paterno 235
PIRRONELLO Valerio Full professor Valerio.Pirronello 210
ZAPPALÀ Aldo Former Associate Professor Rosario.Zappala  
ZUCCARELLO Francesca Associate Professor Francesca.Zuccarello 237

 PhD Students, PostDocs and Temporary Research Fellows and Associates


POSIZIONE E-Mail: +39 0957332-
ext number
ADAMO Angelo Temporary research fellow    
AGLIOZZO Claudia Ph. D. Student Claudia.Agliozzo 206
BRUGALETTA Elisa Ph. D. Student Elisa.Brugaletta  
BUFANO Filomena Post Doc Student    
CORSARO Enrico Ph. D. Student ECo  
DOLEI Sergio Temporary research fellow SDo 206
FARES Rim Temporary research associate RFares 249
GAROZZO Salvatore Temporary research associate Salvatore.Garozzo 291
GRILLO Alessandro Temporary research associate Alessandro.Grillo 214, 254
GUGLIELMINO Salvo Post Doc Salvo.Guglielmino 330
INGALLINERA Adriano Ph. D. Student    206
INSERRA Cosimo Ph. D. Student Cosimo.Inserra 206
ISLAM Farah Marie Curie Fellow    
KANUCHOVA Zuzana Post Doc Student Zuzana.Kanuchova 329
MARANO Davide Temporary research associate Davide.Marano 213
PUMO M.Letizia Ph. D. Student Marialetizia.Pumo 249
RIGGI Simone Post Doc Student Simone.Riggi 328
ROMEO Giuseppe Temporary research associate Giuseppe.Romeo 244, 254
SANGIORGIO Ivana Ph. D. Student Ivana.Sangiorgio 206
SCANDARIATO Gaetano Ph. D. Student GaS 249
SUSINO Roberto Temporary research associate Roberto.Susino 249
ZANMAR Ricardo Post Doc Student Ricardo.Zanmar 206

Catania Astrophysical Observatory

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