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Warning: Activity for WSO-UV projects in Italy ended in mar 2008, after ASI withdrew from the project


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The WSO-UV mission

The World Space Observatory for Ultraviolet (WSO-UV) is an international collaboration led by Russia to build a UV (102-310 nm) mission with capabilities which are presently, in the near and long term future unavailable to the world-wide astronomical community. The mission consists of a 1.7m telescope able to perform:

  • high resolution (R~55,000) spectroscopy by means of two echelle spectrographs covering the 100-310 nm range;

  • long slit (1 x 75 arcsec) low resolution (R~1500-2500) spectroscopy;

  • deep UV and diffraction limited optical imaging.

It will be operated like a ground-based telescope, i.e. capable to perform ôreal time'' operations in a high altitude orbit.

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The Field Camera Unit

The Italian contribution to WSO-UV was funded by the Italian Space Agency in 2007. The activity for Phase A/B1 were supported under contract ASI/INAF No. I/085/06/0.

The FCU was the main Italian contribution to WSO/UV.

The FCU consisted of three imaging channels:

  • FUV: 115-190 nm, 0.2 arcsec/px, 6.6x6.6 arcmin2
  • NUV: 150-280 nm, 0.03 arcsec/px, 1x1 arcmin2
  • UVO: 200-700 nm, 0.07 arcsec/px, 4.7x4.7 arcmin2


  • The Italian Sapce Agency (ASI) withdrew from WSO-UV project on Mar 2008.

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