Wide-field Spectroscopic Telescope

Principal Investigator:
Roland Bacon

National responsible:
Pietro Schipani

Local contact person:
Innocenza Busà

Wide-field Spectroscopic Telescope (WST) will be (2035) an innovative 10-m class with simultaneous operation of a large field-of-view (5 sq. degree) and high multiplex (20,000) multi-object spectrograph facility with both medium and high resolution modes (MOS) covering the 350-970 nm wavelength range.

Furthermore WST will be equipped with a monolitic integral field unit covering a contiguous area of 9 arcmin2 with intermediate spectral resolution (R~2,000-5,000) in the 370-950 nm wavelength range.

Main other institutes involved besides INAF

OACT people involved in the project:

Innocenza Busà



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