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Conda-python software development for diffuse nebulae photometry, optimized for the next generation telescope Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST)

LSST ( is an astronomical observatory currently under construction in Chile with first light in 2023. It consists of an integrated system that combines an 8.4-meter primary mirror, the world’s largest digital camera (3200-megapixel) and a complex data processing system. Several research groups are currently working on the reduction pipelines ( for the photometric data that LSST will allow to obtain.

Proposer will collaborate to optimize / implement techniques of extraction, calibration and flux measurement of galactic diffuse clouds, applying the effort to simulated LSST images. The trainee will work on the standard routines ( developed in the conda-python Rubin common software environment ( for photometry of crowded field images.

The work will consist both in simulating LSST data ( and in the use and optimization of pipelines, on simulated data, for the extraction, calibration and measurement of galactic diffuse cloud flow, particularly in crowded fields.


Contact: Innocenza Busà  (mail:

DURATION: 12 months