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Compilation of a catalogue of stellar parameters for the study of planets in extrasolar systems

Interest in the field of extrasolar planets is growing rapidly as current instrumentation allows to discover more and more Earth-like planets and study their characteristics. In order to best characterize an extrasolar planet, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the physical parameters of the stars around which they orbit. These parameters, however, are often published in a non-uniform manner, making it complex to compare the properties of planetary systems.

The proposed training consists of compiling a homogeneous database containing some of these parameters, such as stellar rotation period and activity level. The trainee will draw this information from existing catalogues already present in the literature (or online), from publicly accessible data archives, from scientific publications of interest or will derive it from available photometric and spectroscopic data. The aim is to achieve a homogeneous compilation of the collected stellar parameters and to carry out a comparative analysis of stellar and planetary parameters.

This work is preparatory to a possible Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis if the trainee wishes to study the subject in greater depth.


Contact: Gaetano Scandariato (


DURATION: 3 – 6 months

More information

The work carried out during the training may be integrated into a thesis (Bachelor’s, Master’s) if the trainee wishes to continue working on the proposed project. The results obtained will contribute to the publications produced by the research group offering this placement.