Chair (2020/21)
Elvira Covino

Membri del Board:
Isabella Pagano
Antonino F. Lanza

GAPS (Global Architecture of Planetary System) is a long-term program for the comprehensive characterization of the architectural properties of planetary systems as a function of the hosts’ characteristics (mass, metallicity, environment).

The goal of the project is to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the instrumentation at the TNG to study the origin of the diversity of planetary systems, shaped by variable degrees of orbital evolution, exploring uncharted territories in the realm of planet formation and evolution with emphasis on the innermost regions. 

The GAPS collaboration was set up at the end of 2011 in response to a solicitation formulated by the INAF Science Directorate to optimise the science return to the community of the HARPS-N @TNG open time. Several observing programs were carryed out since then, also in combination with the NIR spectrograph GIANO-B@TNG (GIARPS configuration), that GAPS members contributed to design, test, and optimize.

Principali altri enti coinvolti oltre INAF

 UCM, IAC, Univ. Genève, IEEC-CSIC, Un. Edinburgh, CfA, Universität Bern, Austrian Academy of Sciences, IAP, Georgia State University Astronomy (USA), LAM, Universidade do Porto, Lowell Obs., Univ. of St. Andrews, CNRS, Keele University, Univ. of Tübingen
Persone OACT coinvolte nel progetto:

Giovanni Bruno, Antonino F. Lanza, Giuseppe Leto, Sergio Messina, Isabella Pagano, Ricardo Zanmar Sanchez Castelan, Gaetano Scandariato, Daniela Sicilia, Vikash Singh

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