A “Two-day Workshop dedicated to Critical Computing” will be held on June 15-16 in Catania, using the spaces made available by the local Physics Department. Details can be found at: https://indico.ict.inaf.it/e/USCVIII-2023.
“Critical Computing” is here to be understood extensively, including not only activities related to HPC (such as astrophysical simulations), but also related to the analysis, visualization and management of Big Data, observational or experimental. Other similar workshops will follow in the coming months on different topics: for example, Machine Learning, analysis pipelines, instrumentation monitoring and control software, management of scientific data archives, etc. The purposes will always be the same: create an opportunity to discuss, ask questions and raise requests about computational issues; to give space to as many voices as possible so that the participants in the various Workshops, and USC VIII itself, can form as complete a picture as possible of the many actions and projects underway in INAF; provide opportunities for comparison and exchange of expertise; favor a “team up” action, similar to those that have been fruitfully carried out in recent years by other lines of research in INAF.